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Audible Weed Walk – Ep.65 “Rewilding our diet”

Rewilding our diet  : lesson from the ancient Paleo menu – What can we learn about the paleo-diet of the ancient people? They teach us to look at life differently — focus on life here and now, the present, and weedly wild greens and food that are around us. Healthy humans need to have healthy gut microbiomes. An ancient paleo diet like the Hadza people of northern Tanzania shows how different their diet is. They eat from the wild. Each can be cooked, cooked, eaten raw or processed otherwise. Everything is fresh and nothing mixed. A researcher found the gut microbiome increased by 20% following this diet for only 3 days. We have hope, we can rewild our world and our gut –. Rewilding will allow us a healthy body, a healthy earth and remain engaged in climate action.