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Audible Weed Walk – Ep.66 “Book-Group-Snoop : towards food security/climate action”

Biodiversity Is the thread, — that lifeline that all of us, plants, animals, insects, fungi, whatever may be in our manifestation in this life, are tied to. Including us humans, though we often tend to forget that. Recently FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN have come up with some simple steps to conserve and use resources and biodiversity, and recognizes biodiversity as our only insurance towards food security. You and me in our everyday life can do so many little and big things to ensure that we are choosing biodiversity. Sometime it is as simple as choosing the right pen, or toothbrush. Have you thought of that? Even wild weedy greens offer a wonderful opportunity to engage with climate action and work towards food security. How? It’s simple — book-group-snoop!