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17 Dec / 2019Program by:
Featured: Aura Talks teamLanguage: English

Aura Talks Ep.8: Let's Hear It From The Community!

Welcome back to Aura Talks, Episode 8! In this episode, we invited three of our workshop attendees to come and discuss how the experience was for them, to ask for feedback and see what insights they had to offer!
Our guests, all from different sectors of Auroville (PTDC, SAVI and The Council) talked about their experiences in Auroville with sharing and how abundant this community really is when it comes to resources. Another interesting topic that came up was “valuation”.
Since our project requires users to value their offerings using the virtual credit system, we explored how some people have an issue with this and how we can look at this through a different lens (something that we are trying to do through our workshops).
A nice easy going conversation with three fellow members of the community, each with their own unique view on how Auroville handles sharing, pros and cons. Join us to get a little look into how they feel post-workshop and how we can move forward with this project. Happy Listening!