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26 Nov / 2019Program by:
Featured: Aura Talks teamLanguage: English

Aura Talks episode 5 – Solutions to Wicked Problems

Ever heard of the term “cosmo local”? What exactly is a wicked problem? Why is the economy the most resistant to change? Could technology be used as a tool to bring more interaction and care? All these questions and more will be explored in this week’s podcast! Listen to us share what it’s like to live in times of seemingly insurmountable wicked problems while the old systems that brought us to this point persist.
We owe it to our guest stars Gijs and Lucrezia for the explosion of ideas and topics. Both, in their own right, dynamic leaders and forces of nature!
Gijs is a rockstar who is working on bringing together the different streams of alternative efforts, and Lucrezia is a powerhouse among the youth.
Get ready for some honest discussions, personal reflections and (more than) the occasional laugh!