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08 Nov / 2019Program by:
Featured: Science WaldenLanguage: English

Aura Talks: Feature Episode on Auroville x Science Walden

Today on Aura Talks, Dan Be and Jonas co-host a special feature episode regarding the collaborative project between Auroville Youth and the Science Walden Institute. Together, they embark on a journey of exploration— why is a project of this nature so fitting for the context of Auroville? Why did they feel so gravitated towards this initiative? In this 45-minute episode filled with curiosity and honest laughter, Jonas and Dan Be break down the main theoretical and philosophical components of feces Standard Money (fSM), a concept developed by the Science Walden Institute. Please join us to hear about their experience attending the World Basic Income Congress earlier this August, and how/why they have started to explore new modes of Basic Income using a virtual platform that could users easy access to a pool of under-utilised resources.