Photographer:Gabriel | From the interview space Photographer:Gabriel | From the interview space
04 Nov / 2018Program by:
Featured: AurelioLanguage: English

Aurelio on prospects of sound and listening

Sitting in the outside spaces at the SVARAM unit, your listening likely wanders whilst the surrounding instruments are sounded by visitors, students and staff, proving an ideal environment for speaking expansively on the exciting area of sound and music.

Interludes in the interview are recordings from the sound bath at Unity Pavillion, delivered by Aurelio and the musicians at SVARAM.

Outline of content:

0’10 Music & environment
4’56 ‘Nature’
8’56 Listening
11’31 Cultivating ensembles
13’32 Alternative to improvisation
14’25 Memory
22’39 Resonance, states of awareness
26’15 Music of the Spheres
28’13 Human resonance
32’30 Demysification
36’38 Translation and instrument making
43’24 Ley lines