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Auroville – a way forward with Andreas and Theresia von Zadow

Andrea von Zadow who would be a process holder, and facilitating this unique, hands on work collaborative session this week, talks about the methodology of the workshop. Team of L’avenir d”Auroville, along with AVI members, and individuals invite us all; since all residents are stake holders in the brought topics, to participate either be in committed sessions through the week or interactive afternoon sessions.
Andreas works with the team of different professionals , from urban designers, landscape planners to architect, community planners, and specialists on spiritual design, and more. Team will try to give the community a push to overcome a stand still position, although there is plenty of great ideas, and lots of enthusiasms, yet we never arrive to the outcome. And how they will do that? They are not promising big results, but hoping from small changes that could lead to big impacts, and possible to change the mindset, and or change of organizational structure.
They will bring very good questions, lots of good energy, and in this mixture of charette will try to awaken people not only to think (and work) of tangible results or ideas but they will heighten the energy to go forward, says among other Andreas with almost always present smile on his face.

There are two types of sessions planned:
a) HANDS-ON PLANNING CHARRETTE: Jan 8,9 and 10 (9am- 1pm)
b) OPEN PARTICIPATORY SESSIONS: Jan 8 and 10 (3-6pm) Presentations from the visiting team and collaborative planning session designed for reaching out to the larger community for their voice and laying the grounds for their committed, active involvement for the future.

On Tuesday, 8th at 3pm
Helathy Placemaking – Eco City Principles by Fred London
Dimesnions of Water by Prof. Herbert Dreiseitl

on Thrusday, 10th at 3pm
Livable Cities – Spiritual Design by Joachim Elbe
Community Palnning Strategies by Clare SanMartin