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14 Feb / 2010Program by:

Auroville Cappella Gregoriana

Gregorian chants were echoing at Pitanga on Sunday the 14th of February. Anandamayi, Andrea, Ane, Elsa, Irene, Carl and Denis with their beautiful voices prepared an unique evening of cappella singing. Director Eugeen Liven d’Abelardo told us few things about the history of Gregorian chants, which is a functional music for liturgical use. For centuries it was passed by oral tradition, and after they start to use scriptorium to record it, but no notation, as we know today. Gregorian chant was until 1968 the official chant of the Roman church. The selection of monastic chants for that evening was mostly from 8th and 9th centuries.Click here to download the program.


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