Photographer:Ireno | Afsanah Introduction. The acoustic has been designed by Didied Weiss Photographer:Andrea | Nuria rehearsing with Auroville Choir Photographer:Ireno | Auroville Choir in action Photographer:Ireno | Few hundreds people were sit on of CRIPA's wooden floor. Photographer:Andrea | The simple design of CRIPA Photographer:Andrea | One hour before the event
05 Feb / 2012Program by:

Auroville Choir at CRIPA

With the opening concert by the Auroville Choir, CRIPA – The Center for Research in the Performing Arts, opened its doors. Afsanah shortly introduced the purpose of CRIPA, which is near its completion, with the songs of the Auroville Choir led by Nuria. Sound design of CRIPA was led by Didier, and the sounds of the Auroville Choir quickly proved the quality of Didier’s design. Although the Performance Hall in CRIPA is a large space, its capacity couldn’t accommodate the great amount of people who wanted to listen to the opening concert.


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