Photographer:Yahalom | Auroville Choirs Photographer:Yahalom | Nuria and Anandi
20 Mar / 2011Program by:

Auroville Choir Sings

Last weekend the Auroville Choir performed a concert of Celtic songs at Pitanga to a packed house both Saturday and Sunday. The surprise in this particular concert was the finale; Anandi, choir member and daughter of Nuria and Joan, had composed the music for a poem by Wordsworth: romantic lyrics set to romantic, haunting music.
In the very air of Pitanga was excitement as the choir members readied themselves to express the joy of singing for an audience, after much work, much practice and repetition under the skillful hands of conductor Nuria.

Nuria lovingly and patiently brings out the voice of 40 Aurovilians of various cultural backgrounds, who come week after week simply because they love to sing and learn together. The choir is indeed a place where human unity prevails, in harmony.

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