Photographer:Heidrun Holzfeind | Nuria conducting the Auroville Adult Choir Photographer:Heidrun Holzfeind | Nuria conducting the Adult Choir performing romantic and contemporary western classical music Photographer:Heidrun Holzfeind | On piano Matt accompanying the Auroville Youth Choir Photographer:Heidrun Holzfeind | Nuria conducting the Auroville Adult Choir Photographer:Courtesy Cripa | The Auroville Youth Choir & Adult Choir performed romantic & contemporary western classical music
01 Mar / 2015Program by:

Auroville Choirs In Concert

On Saturday night at CRIPA in Kalabhumi the Auroville Adult Choir presented romantic and contemporary western classical music.
The performance started by the Youth Choir presenting popular songs and film themes.
The two choirs then sang few songs together. 
Nuria Casanova was conducting the choirs accompanied on piano by Matt Littlewood and Carel 
Tonight at 7:30 PM the concert will be again performed at CRIPA.
The same programme will also be presented in the Sir Muthu Venkata Subbu Rao Concert Hall in Chennai on Saturday 7th March.

About the Auroville Choir

The Auroville Choir was founded in 1988 with the aim to promote human unity and to foster a more harmonious collectivity through the joy of singing together, while working to refine singing and develop musicality.
Today it consists of 53 Aurovilians from 17 to 70 years. The choir performs cappella as well as with accompaniment of the piano or other instruments. Since 1992, the Auroville Choir has been directed by Nuria Casanova, an Aurovilian from Catalonia, Spain.
The choir explores western classical choral music from all time periods including the renaissance, baroque, classical and romantic eras and in different genres such as sacred and oratorio, opera, lied and chanson. It also performs choral music written by contemporary composers and songs from the repertoire of musicals, gospel, folk music and pop.

The choir members come from 15 different countries. While it can be challenging to work with a group of people from so many different cultures and musical backgrounds, it is very rewarding for the singers and audience alike to see and hear how well they can blend together, manifesting unity and harmony.