Photographer:Fabienne | Sasikant and Tom Photographer:Fabienne | Marco Photographer:Fabienne | Tom Photographer:Fabienne | AMrit and Noe Photographer:Fabienne | Mohanam Sound Crew Photographer:Fabienne | Aurotejas and the Shakti Dance Troup Photographer:Fabienne | Austrian crew filming on film festival

Auroville Film Festival 2013

After two years AV FIlm Festival is here again. Many participated in its organization, many participated with art installations, with music and dance at the yesterday’s opening, and of course many submitted their films, which would be screen in next five days on three locations at Town Hall. Tom, Sasikant and Marco officially opened the festival with some explanations, categories of films and introducing judges. Despite that this time the budget was very tight, and not secured almost to the end, the overall feeling is vibrant, alive, colorful.

Amrit and Noe started with some blues,and with the exception of one song, you can find the rest at the end of the recording.

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