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28 Jul / 2010Program by:
Language: English

Auroville OutreachMedia

Do you know what is Auroville OutreachMedia? In today’s News we explain you what are they work and we also will listen to the testimonial of two journalist from TF1, France, that were in Auroville to prepare a reportage to their news. CSA project brings us a very tasteful activity: tomorrow, Thursday, the 19th at 10 am, Bhuvana is going to teach how to prepare 3 delicious dishes with Ash Gourd, a local and very taste vegetable. And today, Wednesday, at Savitri Bhavan at 5h30 pm we have the reading of Sri Aurobindo’s book The Life Divine, led by Shraddhavan. All are welcome!! To finish, The Mother’s word on the importance of Sri Aurobindo’s work.