Photographer:Adak Vishal | Employing 37 workers of which 73 percent are women Photographer:Adak Vishal | Started in 1992 Photographer:Adak Vishal | Herve' explaining how they had developed slowly Photographer:Adak Vishal | Luisa explaining how the project expanded and improved - including a very creative aspect Photographer:Adak Vishal | A unit that works as a team Photographer:Adak Vishal | Accepting the challenges of work as part of evolution Photographer:Adak Vishal | Staying afloat in the change of economy renewing itself and adapting to the changes of the world
24 Oct / 2017Program by:

Auroville Papers

Much more than paper, Auroville Papers is a unit that works as a team where there is no hierarchy, but only friendship and sharing of creativity and responsibility. They work in true Auroville spirit.
This is one of the units that started in the early times when conditions were difficult, but nevertheless in time they have expanded and improved their work.
With the recent change of economy, Auroville Papers had to adapt, and this pushed the team to be more innovative. Now not only do they produce aesthetic stationery, but they have also extended their repertoire to include all sorts of handicrafts, such as: earrings, door screens, a large variety of decorative items, and also some art work. One item that particularly caught my eye was a beautiful sculpture of a white unicorn (see our video on I felt like I had just walked into an art gallery rather than a paper factory.
Because of the economic change Luisa remarked that we cannot be passive. We always need to be challenged in life if we want to keep ourselves well and active, and stay awaken. It is a work of challenges and creativity says Jean Jaques.
These words reminded me that “all life is Yoga”.

At the interview we have Jean Jaques, Herve’,and Luisa