Photographer:Miriam | Auroville Promenade Photographer:Miriam | Matt Littlewood on saxophone, Holger Jetter on violin Photographer:Miriam | Max ZT on dulcimer Photographer:Miriam | Matt, Holger, Max ZT Photographer:Miriam | Matt, Holger, Max ZT Photographer:Miriam | Leonard on visuals Photographer:Miriam | Jean on lights
24 Feb / 2011Program by:

Auroville Promenade

Woven like dreams, images, reflections, music that evokes memories… Holger, Matt, Max ZT, Leonard and Jean gave us a special present during this week of celebrations. It happens to be that at the same time it’s also Holger’s 20th anniversary of his arrival in Auroville. Out of many pictures taken by Leonard, Holger and Giorgio, a stroll , a promenade was created accompanied by abstract images, telling a story, a vision we never knew, although known to us within. Melodies, accompanied by distorted singing of the mantra, carried us further than the images themselves. Like a long forgotten memory, or a flash back of something that might be there, so palpable but not really within our reach.