Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Ukrainians and Russians on the stage performing popular songs Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | French Quebec on stage Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Childrern performing Tamil songs Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | From left: Victoria, Ahilya & Aanandini Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | A Korean singer Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Anna Taj singing an Italian song Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Performing a traditional song from Odisha

Auroville Singing Festival Day 2

The Sri Aurobindo Auditorium was packed, the second day of the Singing Festival 2014.
There was a reason for the crowds to show up on Saturday October 11th, like the impressive performance from three young girls of around 14 years old (Aanandini, Ahilya and Victoria), who tapped their chests as part of the show. Another musical group with Ukrainian and Russian women showed that despite the problems between the two countries, personal friendships are still intact.
Anna Taj took the audience on a “Vacanze Romane”. The evening closed with a performance of the Auroville Childrens Choir, led by Shakti and Jo.
– By Robert Hessing


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