Photographer:Ira Gopal | Paul Vincent at Town Hall Photographer:Andrea Tazzari | Paul Vincent dicussing conflict resolution with Ira Photographer:Andrea Tazzari | Paul Vincent discussing evolution of Auroville with Ira
23 Nov / 2017Program by:
Featured: Paul VincentLanguage: English

Auroville Then and Now

Paul Vincent, one of the pioneers of Auroville discusses his background and what made him come to Auroville with barely any money and no knowledge of the English language. Despite his initial difficulties he tells us what compelled him to stay and how he knew Auroville was the place for him. He guides us through the evolution of Auroville from its muddy, deserted landscape to the green and fertile land that we see. He reveals not only the environmental but also the political struggles that Auroville had to face to become the independent entity that it is today. However, he feels that Auroville has deviated from The Mother’s vision and he elaborates on some of the main issues that Auroville is faced with. “Is That What Auroville Is?” is an important question that he asks the residents of Auroville.