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15 Sep / 2019Program by:
Featured: Aum festLanguage: English

Auroville Undeground Music Festival mashup

The Aum festival has been a test, not for everyone, but for many. Many voices have performed for the first time. In this short mixed collection you can listen to some of the most interesting subjects who performed during the entire day.

Below timing and list of songs:
00:00 Tripp and Company
03:30 Divij
07:45 Amir and Crew
10:05 Loopstat
12:20 Mamamia
15:15 Pari
16:55 Teen poem



  • Jack Alexander

    Liked them all, would have enjoyed video recording too, especially for Pari

    • Wobbli

      Unfortunately the video footage we have is partial, but we generally prefer not to abound with video images of minors.

  • Richa

    Brilliant performance by all !!! Superb Divij !!