Photographer:Yasna | GM on International Zone at UP on Monday 11th of December Photographer:web | Auroville Food Festival within AVFF17 Photographer:web | AVFF17  from 16th to 23rd of December at Town Hall Photographer:Yasna | Solitude 16th 7.3pm an Open Mic Night Photographer:Yasna | MMC in preparations for AVFF17 Photographer:Yasna | MMC Photographer:web | 15th at CRIPA Nuria and the Auroville  Jazz Quartet
14 Dec / 2017Program by:

AVFF17, GEN Green Belt

In today’s news we are featuring highlights (out of many) from Genera Meeting on International Zone on Monday 11th of December with Patricia quoting Sri Aurobindo, and Aster Pastel reflecting on the work in Interantional Zone.

Auroville Film Festival 17 – grand opening on Saturday 16th of December at 5pm at Town Hall Plazza, as first in the series of events celebrating 50th anniversary of Auroville. #Auroville50

Thursday 14ht of December at 5.30pm in Pitchandikulam Forest a talk and presentation on “Working with communities on climate and food sovereignty in the New Zealand and South African context” Ecodorm .

On Friday 15th of December at 4:30 pm, @ SAIIER Conference Hall Presentation on ‘Growth Management Framework for Settlements in Auroville Green Belt’

A hidden Power is the true ;lord and over ruling Observer of our acts and only he knows through all the ignorance and perversion and deformation brought in by the ego their entire sense and ultimate purpose.
The Synthesis of Yoga
Sri Aurobindo


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