Photographer:Julia Miller | B with the Biological Waste Treatment Garden at International House Photographer:Julia Miller | The Biological Waste Treatment Garden uses Canna flowers. Its treatment makes water suitable for gardening. Photographer:Julia Miller | B displays roofing sheets made from recycled Tetrapacks. Photographer:Julia Miller | A shower wall with paper mache décor from paper and rags that would have gone into the Auroville landfill, on recycled Tetrapack sheets. Photographer:Julia Miller | Styrofoam pieces are both light and never break down. They will be used as aggregate in applications needing concrete. Photographer:Julia Miller | B playing musical instruments made of local waste items. Photographer:Julia Miller | Recycled bottles make decorative windows at the International House.
22 Feb / 2011Program by:
Language: English

”B” Zero Waste

Long time Aurovillian, William "B” Sullivan works to aid Auroville in its sustainability goal to reduce its waste to zero through his project, Zero Waste. In this interview, B explains what it means to produce "zero waste” and the project’s different initiatives. He gives advice for reducing waste at home and explains why it is important for Auroville to have zero waste. B also answers how waste became a problem in Auroville and the challenges Zero Waste faces today.


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