Photographer:Andrea | Dr. Christopher Macann
23 Feb / 2013Program by:

Back to Future

Dr. Christopher Macann, re-traces the journey to the Vedas. He is a European philosopher, with original work that carries the inspiration from Sri Aurobindo. Christopher Macann was born in India to a diplomatic family, educated at an English boarding school and trained in philosophy at Oxford University. Since completing his doctorate at the Sorbonne in Paris, he taught philosophy at several Universities in the USA, spent two years in Heidelberg on a Humboldt Foundation research fellowship, and lectured extensively in the UK and France.

Being and Becoming is Christopher’s major philosophical programme, the bulk of which is complete. He is now writing supplemental parts of the programme, whilst residing in a glorious chteau in the neighbourhood of Bordeaux, teaching philosophy at Bordeaux III, running marathons, and occasionally wind-surfing in Corsica.