Photographer:Andrea | Fashion people Photographer:Andrea | Stage Photographer:Andrea | Fashion show – yoga stand Photographer:Andrea | Fashion show – yoga position Photographer:Various | Another flyer Photographer:Arnaud | Participating to the discussions from an higher point of view... Photographer:Arnaud | Tea time looking to the map
18 Sep / 2010Program by:


Saturday, 18th of September, World Bamboo Day – second part of the event at Visitor Center. After the delicious bamboo meal, talks were presented, and later we saw an unique fashion show, designed by Ok, Juin, Elena,Leah, and stitched by Lively Boutique tailoring section. Each designer also chose the outlook of the show itself, accompanied by lively music of Bamboo Band, which showed us later how bamboo can sound in music. The crowd, not as numerous as we’re accustom to see on the events at Visitor Centre, was overwhelmed by the fresh approach of bamboo fabric used in fashion designs, as well on the way they were presented. Bamboo Band continue with the positive energies running high that day all the way from the morning by unique sounds and songs on exclusively bamboo instruments.

And for the end of the evening special treat awaited us – unexpected appearance of Jivan, who is presently back in Auroville. He warmed up the public with common chanting of ohm, to which followed songs by him, and friends – Martin, Ian, Gino.


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