Photographer:David Dinakaran E | Bantu Ubuntu Infinity at the Youth Centre, Auroville Photographer:David Dinakaran E | Samy, a volunteer at the Youth Centre and initiator of Bantu Ubuntu being interviewed by Stephen Photographer:David Dinakaran E | Josh, an American and a pre-new comer at Auroville giving his views on the Youth Centre Photographer:David Dinakaran E | Volunteers and guests into macrame at the Yoouth Centre Photographer:David Dinakaran E | Stephen and David have involved with the volunteers from abroad at the Youth Centre Photographer:David Dinakaran E | Mr. Sachin, Indian based Korean film actor presents his views on 'youth and intergration'
25 Jul / 2016Program by:
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Bantu Ubuntu at the Youth Centre

United Nations International Youth Day is three weeks from now, but the young volunteers of Auroville have come together to express their emotions, as logical and physical and imperfection; in the triangle which is “Be creative, Be conscious and Be sharing in the Peaceful City (the Youth Centre of Auroville)”.

Samy, a Rwandan student is currently a volunteer at the Youth Centre,  and the Tree house Community. He has been a part of Auroville community for two years now and is seeking a transformation of the Human heart. He has initiated a three day fundraising event for his safari(journey) on the way back to his home country, during which he will be doing research on “What is the relation between drums and humans” and “Dance movement therapy”.

Samy says, Bantu Ubuntu is the language of Humankind in Zulu and therefore has taken it as an agenda for this event mainly to symbolize human relations and transformation, like a rhythm of drums.

A pizza night, bonfire, candle crafting, macrame, body psychology workshop, Korean dinner with kimpap and isombe from Rwanda were all part of this spectacular summer monsoon – Bantu Ubuntu Infinity.

“Integration, togetherness, coordination, expression and engagement of the youth in the various societal activities would definitely bring peace and harmony to the world we live”.


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