Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | Vocalist Shreya Bhattacharya performing live at Adishakt Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | On the Bass, Avishek Deywas Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | Antony Camarotta Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | Shyam Rao Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | Kirtana Krishna Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | (Extreme Right) Kirtana Krishna performing live with Beer Puppets for the first time

Beer Puppets steal the show at Adishakti

In its fourth annual edition of ‘Remembering Veenapani Chawla’ at Adishakti here in Pondicherry, Jazz band Beer Puppets from Calcutta took over the stage on Thursday evening.

Known for their love for Jazz and its rich vibe, the band which started its journey in 2014 collaborated with several musicians to introduce new varieties of music with some of their originals. Having performed in various places, the band has travelled and performed in numerous events.

With its striking name, Beer Puppets has also performed in a Malayalam musical show -Music Mojo which aired on Kappa TV.

Coming back to the event — Before Shreya Battacharya took over the audience with her lead voice, the guys from Beer Puppets unfolded the musical night with their jazzy-music. Avishek Dey played the Bass, Antony Camarotta on the lead guitar and the dummer boy Shyam Rao kick-started the show. The band kept the crowd entertained as the concert took to a new spirit with people enjoying the live music. It was a special day as Kirtana Krishna collaborated with Beer Puppets for the first time here.

Its been eight months now performing for Beer Puppets, says Antony Camarotta who also works as the Head of the Department for Guitar Program for the True School of Music (Mumbai) and adds that the Auroville vibe was so amazing… While Avishek talks about releasing their new album in March.

During a small chat with Shyam Rao, he talks about his collaboration with the band while he was heading Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music and adds that he was glad playing with the band again.

Band founders: Shreya Bhattacharya and Avishek Dey
Lead Vocalist: Shreya Bhattacharya
Bass: Avishek Deywas
Lead Guitar: Antony Camarotta
Drums: Shyam Rao
Special Guest Singer: Kirtana Krishna

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