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11 Dec / 2013Program by:
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Behind the Mask

How to improve our communications? Or, how to improve our relationships and business relations? How do we communicate? Verbally or non-verbally? Or both? Are you aware of your non-verbal communication? Often, body language is more effective than verbal communication. Knowing how to use your body language more consciously can help dramatically improve your relationships, personal and professional ones. Sandhi Spiers is the founding Director of the Wholistic Business Network. He works with people in Mind And Body.

Sandhi Spiers gives a workshop called "Behind the Mask" in which people may discover the secrets of body language and notice the difference. It is offered in December, on the 22nd and the 23rd. Starting at 9.30am, it runs until 5 pm, at the Tibetan Pavilion in the International zone.