Photographer:Andrea | Steffi and Yahalom
06 Aug / 2010Program by:
Language: English

Besides All The Yoga

Steffi, a volunteer from Germany who joined our team for good ten months just left. In the interview with Andrea we found out how she sees Auroville, its idea, life… As she said, she hasn’t evolved so much on the professional level of radio speaker and journalist because that was the line of work she was already doing in Germany, but Auroville brought more clarity in her life. Trough yoga and some other activities she participated in she’s not only more clear about her life, and life goals, but she’s also more happy, contented with herself, but, as she said, she hasn’t explore all of it yet. Here she met many talented and creative people, and was amazed over the quality of cultural life and events. Auroville she sees as a project in process, and positive for its continuation.


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