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Photographer:Zoe | Birthing the New Humanity Photographer:Zoe | Children and parents in the audience Photographer:Zoe | Photo mentioned: The Amazing Human Newborn and the Microbiome Photographer:Zoe | Slide: Early Influences on Microbiota Photographer:Zoe | Ravi and Prem Shakti on Conscious Conception Photographer:Zoe | Slide: Auroville's Morning Star Birth Centre

Birthing the New Humanity at Unity Pavilion

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On Tuesday the 19th of December at Unity Pavilion, a presentation was given on Birthing the New Humanity.

Warning: the audio includes some graphic content.

In this presentation, Krishna shared a report from the recent Birthing the New Humanity Conference, and Paula spoke about the Newborn and the Microbiome.
Ravi and Prem Shakti spoke about Conscious Conception and shared personal experiences, and
Auroville’s Morning Star Birth Centre Team concluded the talk by addressing the future of birth in Auroville.

Some key points of the presentation included the influence that a Mother’s health has on her baby,
the importance of beneficial microbes and the impact that different modes of birth have on the baby.

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