Photographer:Andrea | Anek Ahuja - Bass/Vocals Photographer:Andrea | Aum Janakiram - Guitars/Vocals Photographer:Andrea | Blues, deep blues from this band from Chennai! Photographer:Andrea | Siddharth Kumar - Keyboards Photographer:Andrea | Nithu, The right hand of the LUYE 2013 Eco Music Festival....
02 Feb / 2013Program by:
Featured: Blues ConcienceLanguage: English

Blues Conscience at LUYE 2013

The last band of the festival and for sure one of the Blues Conscience. They closed down the festival with some great blues grooves and got some tired feet on the dance floor again. Blues Conscience was started in 2008 to promote the blues in today’s rock and metal influenced live music culture. As a band, our roots go deep into some of the greats that have played the blues, such as Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters. — ——-

Members: —-Anek Ahuja – Bass/Vocals, Aum Janakiram – Guitars/Vocals, Neil Smith – Drums, Siddharth Kumar – Keyboards