Photographer:Maria | Bindhu Malini and  Vedanth Bharadwaj singing and playing music together with a Folk-Blues acoustic set Photographer:Maria | Bindhu Malini Photographer:Maria | Vedanth Bharadwaj on guitar Photographer:Maria | A moment of Bindhu and Vedanth performance at Kabir Festival Photographer:Maria | Vedanth, Bindhu and her husband Vasu Photographer:Maria | Vasu and Vedanth Photographer:Maria | Vasu Vikshi on guitar

Blues Kabir: Bindhu & Vedanth

In the sports ground of Edayanchavadi village Bindhu Malini and Vedanth Bharadwaj were performing live, with Folk-Blues acoustic set, the Kabir’s poetry. They sang all the songs in Tamil language: Mira’s song, To remember God , Mira’s Bajan’s song, Maya a Fraud, Sattle Sound of Universe. Bindhu’s husband Vasu Vikshi also jumped on stage to play and sing with humor about Kabir in the contemporary contest and the Kaveri River’s song. – – – –