Photographer:Irene & Johan | Irene Sposetti and Johan Nilsson Photographer:Irene & Johan | Irene and Johan dance in Viterbo, Italy Photographer:Irene & Johan | Irene and Johan in Arambol, Goa, India Photographer:Irene & Johan | Goa Contact Festival 2011, India Photographer:Irene & Johan | A Jam Session at Ibiza, Spain Photographer:Irene & Johan | Contact Festival in 2009 at Ibiza, Spain Photographer:Irene & Johan | Intruments set used by Irene and Johan in their residence town of Jarna, south of Stockholm, Sweden

Body Consciousness in Movement

Body Consciousness in Movement, the two days Contact Improvisation Workshop by Irene Sposetti & Johan Nilsson will start on Saturday 31 of March in the morning 9.00-12.00 and it will continue at the same time on 1 of April at the Dance Studio in New Creation. They will awake openness, receptivity, softness and fluidity in the body movement. They will concentrate on presence and spontaneity, on the capacity to find new ways of moving as they explain in the interview. Open at all level, with live music.

The Italian Irene at present is focused on improvisation, she integrates live music in her teachings; she plays for dance performances and dance festivals all over Europe and India. Irene comes from a multidisciplinary background of classical music, theater and dance. Her artistic path is deeply intertwined with a personal research inspired by spiritual practices, eastern philosophies, bodywork and healing techniques.
She loves to use movement and music as tools to explore and inquiry, to transform herself and offer to others the possibility to reveal and access their qualities and presence. In the last eight years She have been exploring Dance Improvisation and Contact teaching and organizing dance events in Spain, India, Germany, Italy and Sweden. She participates as dance teacher and musician in dance festivals all over Europe and India. Her musical studies started at a Conservatory in Italy where she have been learning Flute and she sang in a classical choir for about 10 years. She also have been studying singing from classical western music and Indian carnatic tradition and now she will present this workshop with Johan from Sweden. The last years he have been participating as teacher and performer in several projects, festivals and dance events in Europe. Since five years he teaches classes and organizes CI events in Jrna, his home town, and Stockholm. His interest in movement deep end when he discovered Contact Improvisation in 2004.
Before his movement history includes sports, capoeira, African dance, world dance and fire-spinning. Since he started with Contact Improvisation his main inspiration comes from Mns Erlandsson and Malin Anclair, Stockholm. He plays percussion and piano and he loves to include live-music in his dance work. With percussive instruments, singing bowls and natural sounds he create sound landscapes for classes and jams. ––VEiSuI