Photographer: | Dr. Brant Cortwright
14 Jan / 2008Program by:
Language: English

Brant Cortwright

In today’s English news find an excerpt from a presentation by Dr. Brant Cortwright, a faculty of California Institute of Integral Studies concerning his new book on integral psychology, which he bases on Sri Aurobindo’s principles.The recording of the presentations of Dr. Dr. Brant Cortwright and Dr. Bahman Shirazi are broacast this week. Check the schedules for the timing.Also in the news there’s a call for teachers at Transition School, news on the Fitness Track and two new classes at Verite.The weather’ today in Auroville is sunny with scattered clouds. Temperatures range between 23 and 26 degrees with a North-Easterly wind between 14 and 21 kph.To listen to the news click or in the picture.