Photographer:miriam | Irene and Rani Photographer:miriam | Irene and Rani
30 Mar / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Break the Silence

Take Back the Night is an event organized by Auroville Health Service and Women Safety Task Force for Saturday at 5.15 pm at Visitor Center. Aim of this event is to empower women, and others, who might live now in fear, to talk about it. Questions – Why is this happening? Why we don’t talk about it” What can we do about it?…remain unanswered. With the event they would like to break the silence, they would like to start a constructive dialog about the safety issues. Due to increased number of various attacks and harassment in the area many in Auroville and in the villages live in fear. Silent gathering will be followed by some cultural program on topic and by open discussion.