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01 May / 2013Program by:
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Bridging a Widening Gap

Maybe it was coincidence but many Aurovilians came together on the Labour Day to discuss about the increasing gap between the working groups and the residents of Auroville. This gap is steadily increasing, and since few months one of the most important of Auroville’s working groups (the Working Committee) is not able to function properly. Despite the heat the meeting was well attended and many residents expressed their concerns. Another meeting will follow to begin the ‘healing process’, and the sense of optimism was present.

Official announcement:

Important Community Meeting on May 1st.

Following the General Meeting of March 20 concerning the Working Committee impasse and its deeper underlying causes, a small group of Aurovilians have met to propose a way to address the concerns expressed at that meeting. Too many Aurovilians are experiencing a widening gap between the working groups and the community-at-large which is resulting in disharmony and frustration on both sides, and blockages at different levels. Instead of continuing this hopeless tug of war with complaining Aurovilians on the one side and misunderstood working groups on the other, an open space could be created where this gap would be progressively bridged and trust re-established.

– Open to all, where issues could be raised and discussions could be held in depth and freely.

– Where difficulties and responsibilities would be expressed and shared.

– With an atmosphere conducive to actual work, where topics could be studied as deeply and as thoroughly as needed.

– Where Aurovilians would meet as Aurovilians without any hats on their heads.

– Where members of working groups and other residents would not sit at the opposite sides of the table with the problem separating them, but would sit on the same side of the table with the problem in front of them all.

– Where the functioning of our organization could be assessed and reviewed in the light of our ideals and aspirations, paying more attention to the spirit than to the letter.

– Where Aurovilians would listen to the inner voice of Auroville, guided by the Charter, the Dream and To Be A True Aurovilian.

All Aurovilians are invited to come together to create and define an open, co-operative space, whose aim is to become a practical tool, where the feeling of powerlessness so prevalent at this moment among the residents progressively disappears and gives way to a new and creative functioning of our collective body. What it will become, its shape, its dynamism, its style, the way it will be used and how frequently it meets will be seen together.

When: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 from 4:00 till 6:30


Coordination: RAS

With love and aspiration, Adhara, Anandi (Realization), Ashatit, Christine (Auromodele), Claudine (Ami), Dominique (Simplicity), Don, Janet, Jyoti (Swayam), Olivier (Revelation), Santo


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