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02 Feb / 2011Program by:

Bridging the Arc of Mysticism

At the 3rd interactive workshop at Mutation II on Clearing – talks on supramental transformation is in progress, Dr. Bahman A.K. Shirazi, of the California Institute of Integral Studies started with the topic of Bridging the Arc of Mysticism. If the Supermind is fully brought down to matter and stabilized, the Arc of Mysticism will be finally bridged. In physics of 21st century many changes took place, and the conception of matter and energy in terms of the electromagnetic spectrum it has a new view. The workshop was truly interactive, and participants highly involved in the most interesting topic.

Bahman A.K. Shirazi, PhD has been affiliated with the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, USA, where he has studied, taught and worked for nearly three decades. His doctoral dissertation, titled Self in Integral Psychology, was the first dissertation in the emerging field of integral psychology and he has since published several articles and book chapters on integral psychology and presented atconferences on integral yoga and integral psychology in India and USA. Bahman is also on the faculty of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California where he teaches various doctoral level courses using an integral or whole-person framework.

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