Photographer:Kim | She is concentrated on the house construction with two entrances Photographer:Giorgio | Attentive parents and the artistic kids listening to the release Photographer:Giorgio | Odile presenting her book (Photographer: Giorgio)" rel="" /> Photographer:Kim | Proudly presenting his (Photographer: Kim)" rel="" /> Photographer:Giorgio | Heidi while saying a few words about herself and the book Photographer:Kim | She will be teacher in the future and was inspired by her teacher Photographer:Giorgio | All three girls loved to build rockets and houses in the (Photographer: Giorgio)" rel="" />

Building with blocks book release

With a great support of the children of the kindergarten, the Auroville Press and SAIIER released this week proudly the book Building with blocks at Auroville Kindergarten by Odile Fouldaoux. Besides illustrating and showing how children develop by the way they build with blocks and how their social skills evolve it is a book about children development through a beautiful playful instrument like natural wooden blocks in specific dimensions.

Heidi Watts who has been visiting Auroville for more than 15 years, who is a teacher since 50 years and mentor for most teachers in Auroville brought the blocks many years ago from New York to India and the Aurovilian education system allowed through its confidence and its own philosophy further development which lead to a special book and to a fantastic toy and educational tool for children.