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14 Jun / 2011Program by:
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Burning Sky

Tomorrow it will be Sagittarius full moon, and on that night more than half the world will have the opportunity to watch one of the darkest Lunar eclipses. This will be the darkest lunar eclipse in almost 100 years as the centres of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon would nearly be on one straight line. For that and also other reasons many on the planet will use this time to meditate and work on specific regions. One might be purging the alter ego and the energies of control, manipulation and dominance; removing the fear of Fire, the fear of the Power of Light and the Fear of Union. The Moon is about change and she is often a trigger to set things in motion that have been “lounging in the wings” waiting for a call to action.Auroville Council and Working Committee want to clarify that the so called “selection process for the renewal of AVC and WC through ballot”, which was recently announced by a self appointed group, is not according to the process approved by the Residents’ Assembly in 2007 and therefore is not recognized as valid. The AVC and the WC regret that division and confusion is being created and whether or not the feelings of dissatisfaction are legitimate, processes that have been approved by the larger community cannot be ignored. As announced by AVC in the News & Notes of 11/06/2011, a new Residents’ Assembly Service will be formed after the two weeks feed back period and this new RA Service will undertake the steps required to implement whatever process the community as a whole endorses.

The best way of meeting difficulties is a quiet and calm confidence in grace.The Mother
Never say,”I have nothing to give to the Divine.” There is always something to give, for always you can give yourself in a better and more complete way.
The Words of The Mother , Vol 14