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17 Dec / 2018Program by:

Cafe' Collapso

Discussion in French presented and animated by
Christian and Daniel (Aurovilians) on “How everything is going to
They offered an evening of exchange to discuss around small snacks
and drinks, to look at the effect these news had on us and
how to integrate them, to tame them, to use them, to translate
them, and perhaps to approach together themes like:
• What is a “collapse”? what could it mean in our lives?
• When … could it happen?
• How … everything can collapse, practically, how it can
start, how it could spread, how fast, and so on?
• What can it look like to live the collapse?
• And after … what would be changed, what could be the
landscapes, the chances and the difficulties, the new data?
• And we in AUROVILLE, do we have special assets in the
collapse? a particular mission?
• And now, right now, what can we do with it?