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15 Jul / 2020Program by:

Capriole – ep.1

Luca will bring you through a two hour musical journey around the world, in space and time.
The journey is mainly focused on African and South American sounds, it lets you navigate through Soul, Jazz, Funk, Afrobeat, Ambient, Post-punk, Folk and whatever nice and weird this world has produced.
Just don’t overthink, sit down or climb up the table and let yourself go with the flow.


Meridian Hawk -Adam Tullie
Samba do Morro – Chance
Fo Barro – Josiah Steinbrick
White Mule – Jack Rose
The Homeless Wanderer – Emahoy
Tsegué – Maryam Guèbrou
Akwaaba – Francis Bebey
Beautiful Strangers – Kevin Morby
Santa Maria De Feira -Devendra Banhart
Bridges And Balloons – Joanna Newsom
Angels’ Shame -Vetiver
Velvet – Angel’s Breath
Sofa Diaraby – Camayenne
Sofa Dambakale – Compaore Issouf
Magic in the moonlight -Sugar Belly
Canadian Sunset – Soul Brothers
Soul Trombone – Sound Dimension
Mun dun gu – cedric im brooks & the sound dimension
Chicken – Cedric Im Brooks
Full Up – Manu Dibango
Answer In Sound – Earl Chinna Smith
Calypso Blues – Nat King Cole
Vamos Fugir – Gilberto Gil
No Agreement (Part 2) – Fela Kuti
Tibet On It – Chicago Afrobeat Project
Jazz In Port Said – Eddie Kochak & Hakki Obidia
The Gal From Joe’s – Nina Simone
Satan is her name – Steve King
Funnel Of Love – SQÜRL
Hal – Yasmine Hamdam


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