Photographer:web | Bonfire at Matrimandir at 5am on 15th of August Photographer:Margarita | MAtrimandir Photographer:web | Sri Aurobindo Photographer:web | Mr. Bala Baskar - Tea Gathering on 16th at 10.30am Photographer:web | Dostudio Iinviation on 15th  at Swayam at 4.30pm Photographer:web | Kim Cunioa and Heatehr Lee offering on 15th at 6pm at Arka Photographer:web | Heather Lee and Kim Cunio
14 Aug / 2014Program by:


Tomorrow at 5am at the Amphitheater, Matrimandir a collective meditation with Dawnfire The fire will be lit at 5.00 am. On Saturday at 10.30am at Le Morgan WC invites us to a Tea Gathering for Mr Bala Baskar –
August 16 is Mr Bala Baskar’s birthday and also his last day in office as Secretary of the Auroville Foundation. All who know Mr Bala Baskar and want to greet him on his last day in office, are warmly invited. As Mr Bala Baskar puts it, it is not a “farewell party” as such as he will stay near Auroville and continue to be with us.

Supreme Lord, Eternal Truth. Let us obey Thee alone and live according to Truth.
The Words of The Mother, Vol.14
Remain young, never stop striving towards perfection.
The Mother

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