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25 Jan / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Change in Spiritual Behaviour

Daniel, member of the Working Committee shares with us updates on land encroachments at New Farm, and on dr. Karan Singh, Chairman of Auroville Foundation yesterday visit. On Friday at 8pm Ana, Hartmunt, Suryan, Joy and Jivatman, Taranti, Caroline and Elisa and Anisha and Tiago will offer thir music to life and community under the sky of the Big Amphitheater in Kalabhumi Made in Auroville concert, postponed from few months back due to the rain at the time. Lively Up Your Earth is taking place on Saturday from 10.30 onward at Solitude Farm.

To live and act no longer in the human ignorance, but in divine Knoweldge, conscient of individual nature and universal forces and responsive to a transcendent governance, this is KarmayogaSri Aurobindo