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04 Dec / 2018Program by:

Changing the Society, Destigmatizing Sexual Violence towards Healing, Hope

Imogene was sexually assaulted.
After years, and since she is an actress, she went on the journey of healing by creating a solo movement performance with over voices of 8 survivors and perpetrator .
The Power of Theatre to Change Perspectives.
Her journey seek Hope, and Reconciliation with changes in the society, with maybe new legislation on sexual violence, changing patterns of our behavior ….
In between she emphasizes that we need to start talking openly on sexual violence in order to change the current situation, and her play serves as a conduit to panels on topic.
It is time to destigmatize the sexual violence, rape, assault … give each person a human right to be in control on her/his body while engaging with others; or seek a consent rather than invade someone’s personal space and body.