Photographer:Roland | From left: Aviram founder of Sadhana Forest and Charlie Mgee minutes before the concert. Photographer:Roland | Bird vision Photographer:Roland | Waiting the concert

Charlie Mgee & FVSS in Auroville

The Formidable Vegetable Sound System is just that, formidable. On Saturday, October 4th Auroville was able to experience this while visiting Sadhana Forest. The weight (and joy) of the messages contained within Charlie Mgees songs carry with you.
For the audience of 175 Aurovilians and guests, the principals of Permaculture were delivered in an upbeat, danceable, unifying manner. After a lovely dinner of vegan, organic food and an opening performance by Trishrasta and Nixon Casseus (of Sadhana Forest Haiti), T.F.V.S.S. brought the house together through extensive audience participation.
It was a night that will be remembered by all who attended. – Jamey