Photographer:Shirin | Churning Waters - or how polluted waters destroys us Photographer:Shirin | polluted water afects women Photographer:Shirin | sharing Photographer:Shirin | Thilagavathi (Kanchipuram/Chennai) and Sylvia Nulpinditj (Arnhem Land/ Darwin) Photographer:Shirin | Dr. Priya Srinivasan (Melbourne) and Uthra Vijay (Melbourne) Photographer:Shirin | Gina Maree Bundle (Melbourne) and Nadine Lee (Darwin) Photographer:Shirin | Nadine Lee (Darwin) and Priyadarsini

Churning Waters

Many stories of different cultures, continents around water, and feminine energy …. and as the artists found out, the audience realizes that is much more that connect us, then divide.
Polluted water as a symbol of capitalists exploitation not only destroyed our living environment but does affect the vital parts of womanhood … and as Priyadarsini says through a story of Krishna – maybe with the dance on the head of serpents in the water we could overcome it …
Churning Waters is a research based performance project that investigates Australia
India engagement from a feminist postcolonial perspective, to ask how water has
been imagined in the past, present and future in mythological stories, song lines, and
movement to better understand climate change and water futures in the
contemporary moment. This project brings a unique intercultural and interdisciplinary
collaboration between Indigenous Australian, Indian Australian and Indian artists
from rural and urban backgrounds. The purpose of the performance is to share deep
knowledges (some that go back 60000 years) to audiences with different language
and cultural backgrounds to make the ideas more accessible to diverse communities
of indigenous artists and audiences in rural and urban backgrounds of different caste
class and gender.
Churning Waters with Artistic Director Dr. Priya Srinivasan brings together an
ensemble of respected cultural leaders and world renowned
artists/performers from
Victoria, the Northern Territory, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Meghalaya to be shared in
India as part of Australia Festival in India in January-February 2019.
This project is supported by the Australian High Commission in India, the
Victorian Government through Creative Victoria?, and local Indian partners
Adishakti and DakshinaChitra?.
Artists (in alphabetical order) – Gina Maree Bundle (Melbourne), Green Kumar
(Kanchipuram), Loganathan (Kanchipuram), Nadine Lee (Darwin), Priyadarsini
Govind (Chennai), Dr. Priya Srinivasan (Melbourne), Sonal Jain (Assam/Meghalaya),
and Sylvia Nulpinditj (Arnhem Land/ Darwin), Thilagavathi (Kanchipuram/Chennai)
and Uthra Vijay (Melbourne).


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