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Category Archives: Governance

Our WC, Our Concern

Past weekend decision making event brought quorum with yes for AVC and no for WC, but the fact is that the Working Committee is very much needed. Now, to be in, and fully functional. How we are going to select it? When? So, informal invitation to meet by Amy simply resonate by many. Meeting on "sharing and exploring next steeps concerning the future Working Committee" showed that the need for residents to work on it together is big. No decision was taken last night but a promise of continuation of the exploration and dialog.

Amy's notes from the gathering of 2 July re: the next Working Committee --- Dear all, This is what I noted down. I concentrated mostly on the proposals on how to move forward. It is not everything that was said. It is not meant to be. Please feel free to add your comments here. Proposals: - Let Aurovilians nominate individuals to serve on the Working Committee, for consideration within the RA approved process (do not limit it to only self-nomination); - Create an interim Working Committee and continue to explore and improve upon the RA approved process (which could be used to create the permanent Working Committee in the next six months or so); - Ask the former Working Committee (those who served before the current Working Committee) to serve again; - Ask the current Working Committee to continue for another six months while the residents continue to explore the RA approved process; - Endorse only the proposed Working Committee signatories that were a result of the RA approved process; - Within 1 month invite from the former 3 to 5 Working Committees, individuals to serve on the new Working Committee; this action would be faciliated by the Study Group on Organization. Some points that were reiterated: The Working Committee is the secretariat of the Residents Assembly; The Working Committee referes to the Residents Assembly as much as possible; The Working Committee needs the commitment of the Residents Assembly; Residents need to give their support to the Working Committee now. A question: What did the Residents Assembly vote of no on 28 June 2014 mean? Did it mean no to the proposed members of the Working Committee only? Did it mean no to the process that resulted in the proposed members of the Working Committee? Did it mean no to both the members and the process in regards to the Working Committee? A request: Please re-read the Study Group on Organization process with an open heart. I heard a few people ask for a follow-up gathering, to continue the sharing and listening and exploration. I heard both Saturday 5 July, or next Wednesday 9 July. It was proposed that the Residents Assembly Service facilitate it. It was also proposed that I bring it forward. I am happy to put the proposal forward for us to meet on Saturday 5 July at Unity Pavilion. I would have to make sure it's available. That's it for now... Thanks to each and every one of you for your presence today. ~Amy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Working Committee of the Residents' Assembly has been established by the Auroville Foundation Act. Its main function, as described in the Act, is to assist the Resident's Assembly or, as the case may be, the Governing board, in discharging its duties under this Act. The additional powers of the Working Committee are to create or constitute other organisations, trusts, societies of associations relatable in Auroville. For this, it requires the approval of the Governing Board. The Working Committee consists of not more than seven members, which are chosen by the Resident's Assembly from among themselves in a way and for a term of office as decided upon by the Residents' Assembly.

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Jul 2014

Meeting Proposed New WC and AVC

Yesterday's General meeting on meeting new Working Committee and Auroville Council members proposed by Study Group on Selection was, despite the heat very well attended. Proposed new members of those two working groups well presented themselves, which was followed by answers and questions, and comments on received feedback from the community. Due to the complexity of the topic, meeting after over three hours was paused for most likely, two week. Community openly addressed pros and con of the new selection process, and it will be followed.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 May 2014

Study group selection for wcavc

From 1st of May to the 3rd the study group implemented the proposal for the selection of the members that volunteered for the Auroville Council and Working Committee. The study group centered its three day session on the 12 qualities of the Mother. Members of the study group share their impressions.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 May 2014

3rd GM new selection process

Last night, the third General Meeting on the new selection process for the AV Council and the Working Committee was held, in the new SAIIER building. Although most Aurovilians will agree that changes are needed, not many attended this Questions and Answers session. Therefore, the study group now faces a choice, to: a) Go for a Resident Assembly decision making event, or b) Go through the selection process and to present the newly elected people together with the new process, for the approval of the community.

The worst case scenario would be to be stuck with the old, ineffective process. The study group needs at least 200 voters and a 51% majority to proceed. '

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Dec 2013

How We Participate

Although the new Selection Process might seems like a fresh, so much needed, breeze in the town, it showed its flaws and certain unclarity. Yesterday's extra general meeting at Unity Pavilion in International Zone supposed to clear certain concerns before the community undertake the decision making event next Saturday. Gathered expressed clearly that part of the proposal of members for working groups could be acceptable, and have asked Study Group to split proposal. Later is not in favour of such arrangement due to extensive work.

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Jun 2014

Rod on change in Auroville

Rod candidly shares his views on the trials of Auroville's impersonal objectives and the difficulties of the rationalistic goals it has adopted, which concern urban planning, finance and entry. He further touches on paranoia, the importance of image, and the varying interpretations of the Mothers words, leadership with a higher resonance and the occult importance of the world's collaboration in Auroville as a means to hasten the new consciousness. Rod has been working and contributing in the field of education for many years.

Rod is also one of the members of the University of Human Unity Music by Aurovilian youth Vania

Comments: 0 Date: 14 May 2014

Protection of Auroville Land

Yesterday afternoon was held in Unity Pavilion International Zone, a very well attended first general meeting to present to the community the various options identified by the Study Group and its recommendations for the protection of Auroville's land. So please listen to what they had to say on the legal and non legal options the community is facing. It is a crucial matter as everyone can see the frenetic development Auroville is being exposed to. It looks like we cannot afford to postponed the decision one more time.

Comments: 0 Date: 29 Jan 2014

General Meeting Follow up wc-avc

June 4th 2014 Follow up on the Study Group on Selection Process proposal on Working Committee and Auroville Council members - signatures, resource persons, silent listeners...

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Jun 2014

GM on Mandates and Changes

Yesterday's General Meeting at Unity Pavilion in International Zone has draw the attention of many, inspired after creative work of Study Group on Organization. Yet the GM tried to provide information for a decision making process. Entry Task Force presented proposal on changes of entry process, we heard revised FAMC mandate proposal, and compilation of feedback on proposed Matrimandir mandate. The question was if each of particular proposal is ready to be presented to the community for residents decision making process.

Comments: 0 Date: 06 May 2014

GM Water Maintenance Service

Last Tuesday afternoon a well attended GM was held on the Water Maintenance Service, at the Unity Pavilion. Krishan presented a report on the WMS finances and budgeting and Wazo a proposal on the location for the new building, in the service area, as well as a structure of the global vision of the service. They also gave us a short report on the actual Auroville water distribution and maintenance situation. At the end of the meeting, they formulated the following questions for a Residents' Assembly Decision-Making Event, to be held soon:

Question one: "Transforming Auroville Water Service into a City Service": Do you agree to transform the Auroville Water Maintenance Service (WMS) to a City Service under the City Services Budget called' "Pour Tous Water Service" supplying a basic set of essential maintenance services?" Question Two: "Physical Development of Service Area": Do you want the concerned working groups to give priority to the physical development of the Service Area?" '

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Jan 2014
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