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Category Archives: Social Development

Understanding Self-Education

Understanding Self-Education: Learning to Ask the Right Questions by Jane V. Wheeler, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University, USA)

In this dynamic and engaging workshop presentation Jane shared what she has learned about self-education and the importance of asking questions which allow us to become our best true selves. She discusses the terms 'educing' and 'educating' and argues about the role of an educator in bringing out the potentialities for self-development and knowledge in a student as well as a conscious and present being.

Sri Aurobindo wrote “the chief aim of education should be to help the growing soul to draw out that in itself which is best”; and the Mother noted that education should be given “not with the view of passing examinations and getting certifications and posts, but for enriching existing faculties and bringing forth new ones”.

Together they argued for self-education where we learn to draw out the best in each other and ourselves.

More Awareness

In  our  interview with Aryadeep we walk through the history of Auroville lands; a story which is tightly connected to his own path.He quotes quotes The Mother, who has said; "if people won't buy the land, lots of complexity will is important for unified harmonious existence...." Aryadeep is actively involved in the fund raising campaign for Acres For Auroville - A4A. Soon after joining Auroville he became aware that various plots, various pieces of land did not belong to Auroville. He has felt that if the integrity of the land which belongs to the city is eroded and full of gaps, the force of Auroville could be compromised, reduced. Because of this he decided that the land would be his area of work. For years, it was Aryadeep who kept the whole thing going through the quiet period when he had to stand at his post all alone. Through the interview we hear about the crucial and important moments in the past when things happened to protect Auroville land.

Comments: 2 Date: 13 Jan 2016

Framework for Participation

Yesterday afternoon at MMC, Town Hall we heard the final presentation of ten students of Queens Universtiy for Urban and Regional Planning, Canada. Dedicated and thorough work of students - prior coming to Auroville, and on site, has resulted a practical guideline for framework which could be implemented in many areas of community affairs. Framework does involve community participation on different levels depending on issue. Surveys and workshop done before formulating decisions or planning would help to reduce apathy, and disappointment of community, while empowering it Students of Queens University with Professor Ajay Agarwal gave to the community a practical tool which could help us to step forward in our decision making processes and planning.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Dec 2015

AV Wants to Participate

Out of ten students of Queens University for Urban and Regional Planning Social Studies from Canada Caroline, Joanna and Michael shares with us their observation on the topic of the community participation in planning, Depending on the project,  level of engagement can vary from low (just being informed) to high (participate in decision taking). In yesterday's workshop where they were aiming to envision what sort of community features people want to see in Residential Zone 1 and 2      13 different themes came up. At final presentation on Saturday 12th between 4pm to 6pm at Multi Media Center students will present to the community outcome of their research, surveys and workshop. But in general they observe a high wish to participate, lots of creativity, and high level of experimenting.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Dec 2015

The True Stories of Volunteers

Volunteers' Presentation talk about social work in Auroville. Once a month, SAVI would like to share with the community the real stories of volunteers and the importance of their involvement and contribution to the development of various local and communal projects. This month, Laura Haslett and Tanvi Gupta present their experiences working with Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG), the background, aspirations as well as past and present outreach projects working with villagers that they have been developing and delivering. Melanie LeFebvre shares her experiences as a long term volunteer at Ecofemme Project. She talks about her involvement in expanding business and marketing side of the project, school outreach projects and raising important issues surrounding feminine hygene. Recorded at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture on 28/01/2016 Presentation organised by SAVI

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Feb 2016

Water is gone, problems rise

After the flood, damages and health problems in the villages come to light
The program is in English and Tamil.
Crossing a village like Bommapalayam near the beach, everything seems well. The main street, which has been flooded two weeks ago, is dry, woman are sitting in front of their houses sieving grain.
But when we ask them how they are, lots of them get angry: They have been all flood victims, but none of them got any help. Water stood into their houses and damaged walls, ground water got polluted by entering flood water. In Edayanchavadi, we met families whose members are completely infected by a skin illness, having perforated feet.
It is always the poorest, low caste, the woman and children who are suffering most, like the little son of Venkatesh, who works in Auroville Town Hall. And sometimes, they need only small amounts. In Kuilappalayam,In front of New Creation, the property of one family is still flooded completely. It attracts invasions of mosquitoes, and lately, they had a group of water snakes in front of their door.
Auroville has set up a help fund for affected villagers which coordinates material and financial support. Donations are very welcome.

See also the interview with help relief coordinator Anita

How to donate:

Financial Service Account No. 251220
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Account number – 163101000118
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Purpose: Flood relief
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Framework for Our Participation

With Professor Ajay from Queens University for Urban and Regional Planning from Canada, and Lalit from Auroville Sustainability Insitute we talk about the projects that they were done by the students here in past few years - 1. Urban design guidelines for Crown 2. Sustainable development indicators for Auroville 3. Framework for community participation in Auroville For this year topic on community participation which will be presented on Saturday 12th between 4 to 6pm at MMC ten students have done lot of work, many hours in different phases, even before coming to Auroville. The topic is very alive since the beginning but it will require more consistent manner and sustainable effort towards the same goal. This particular exercise gives us a very good glimpse, a possibility how a complex topic like this can be approach.

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Dec 2015

The Time is NOW – Funds for Land

Sigrid and Jasmine share their stories of involvement in the Acres For Auroville (A4A)  fund raising campaign, and their involvement in Green Acres - a project to which they are passionately, actively dedicated. They call it a sister campaign. Both of them acknowledge the importance of the Green Belt in the Master Plan of Auroville for the purpose of protecting  and securing our natural resources, and to further develop the city as a real example of sustainability according to the Mother's vision. As they say; the Time is NOW! to purchase the remaining plots of the land which do not yet belong to Auroville. Private developers are actively  endangering the integrity of the city with their speculative way of purchasing land and building exclusively to satisfy their own greed for profit. More important, Sigrid and Jasmine see the collaborative fundraising campaigns of  A4A and Green Acres as tools to bring people together, to work together, and  to bring human unity. For 7th of February of this year they are planning an interactive communicative event at the Unity Pavilion, which they call  Landing Auroville. There will be movies and music, and things for people to see and do. Everyone is invited! The organizers see this gathering as a celebration of the sacredness of the land itself.

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Jan 2016

We are living in a disaster area

Help is still very much needed into the affected villages

Anita, Aurovillan from North India, is a woman with a big heart and all the energy to move things. People like her are very much needed in our region right now. ''We are in a natural disaster'' she says, ''but we are not in the disaster areas set up by the government, like Chennai''. So the villages around Auroville which had been flooded have few hope to get any support if not from Aurovillans. But there are lots of houses damaged or even destroyed, waste water entered drinking water taps, insects are increasing rapidly and, as Anita warns, there is a high epidemic risk right now. During the rainy season, the most heavily affected people had to live in public halls like village schools. Now, the majority of them went back into their houses – and had to face all the damage and the stink around. ''We are entering in a new phase of disaster help'', Anita says: to clean up, and to prevent the outbreak of more illnesses. For this purpose, every day, sometimes every hour counts.

Auroville has set up a help fund for affected villagers which coordinates material and financial support. Donations are very welcome.

How to donate:

In Auroville:

Financial service account no. 251220
ACCOUNT NUMBER – 163101000118
Ifscode – ICIC0001631
Description – FLOOD RELIEF
Branch Code - 03160
Swift Code - SBININBB474
Account Number 10237876508

In and around Auroville

Auroville belongs to auroville and no one else. People who make this place worth it, not only for themselves but also for people who visit auroville everyday. Rj Mantra (a 5 times best RJ of India winner by RAPA and PROMAX Awards), speaks to people in Auroville and finds out what makes this place tick.