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Classical Choice for World Music Day

Ives – The Unanswered Question
Piano, nooo pianissimo, the Druids KNOW! But they see or hear nothing! Shhhh
Shostakovich – The Song of the Forest (The Pioneers plant the forest)
A cantata of sweet fresh sweet voices calling for an Auroville as the young pioneers plant the Forest and stay.
Bernstein – Chichester Psalms (2 Psalm 23 and Psalm 2)
A Hymnal dedicated to David, and sung as young David
Chanson – Poeme in E minor
Mendelssohn – Symphony 5 (Andante)
Adopted from Choral into a delicate String sectional dedicating love and submission to the divine.
Schubert – Impromptu (A flat op 142.2)
As if in a dream cycle, the chords and appergios progress till concluding in echtes of the past
Sarasate – Danses Espagnoles ( Jota Navarra)
Delight feet into celestial sky away from the terrible wars in and around the Andalusien peninsula.
Prokofiev – Violin Concerto 1 (Scherzo)
The eyes and movement will not concentrate, the rejuvinated athleticism is reawakened brilliant! Stay young.
Bach – Brandenburg Concerto 1, (Adagio)
The best of baroque composition, a perfectly ordered beauty for nobility! One can only dream…
Lambardi – Toccata
Orff – Carmina Burana (Primo Vere Veras Leta Facies)
Life is short and marked with struggle, but there is one great season…Spring. Enjoy while it last.
Glass – Satyagraha (Act 3, Part 3)
MG and MLK the acme of peace, solidarity, and allegiance
Mahler – Symphony 3 (Lustig Im Tempo und Keck Im Ausdruck)
The bitte Teams of a disciple, only Angels are bleesing heaven with sweet melodies
Bartok – Sonate für Solovioline (Melodia)
Cupious imagination and lyricism of the 20th century.
Ligeti – Musical ricercata per Pianoforte für Orgel (Sostenuto)
Enjoy, the is a punch line somewhere. Di you hear it?
Tchaikovsky – Souvenir De Hapsal (Ruines D un Chateau)
Can life regenerate in these Plains? Just experience without expectation.
Gynt – Suite No 1 (Morgenstimmung)
Abandoned in the Sahara only to wake and defend oneself against monkies
Debussy – Premiere Rhapsodie
Full ränge of lucidity and lyricism


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