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21 Apr / 2018Program by:

Co-Learning and Co-Evolving With Autistic Children

On the invitation of SEA (Social Entrepreneurship Association) Pekka Kontiainen, co-founder of Divya Rasa presented his living experience with co-evolving and co-learing with autistic children in Divya Rasa in Tiruvannamalai. ‘Divya Rasa’ is a commune, a living centre for autistic children, where around 15 children have a space to BE. The founders, inspired by the tradition of the Siddhars and by Sri Aurobindo and his message about human evolution, have a radically different approach to their work which uses the panchabhootas (water, fire, earth, air, space), contact with animals, art, chanting, rhythm and music



  • srinivas

    very happy reading this blog . Best wishes to pekka and Naveen.

    • Miriam

      thank You for listening … Pekka story is indeed very inspiring one