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Code of conduct – take 2

Second GM held on Wednesday, the 15th of October, at 4:30 pm at Unity Pavilion. After this meeting the AVCouncil has declared the following.

Dear community members,
In regards to our process on trying to create a ‘Code of conduct and eligibility criteria’ for working groups, limited participation and divulging opinions within the community on the topic has resulted in a lack of conclusion for the time being.
The Auroville Council would like to halt this process at this point; it seems some fundamental questions need to be asked and answered by us as a collective, including the need and implementation strategy of such a document, before the next attempt is made to draft a conclusive ‘Code of conduct and eligibility criteria’ guidelines.
All those who participated in this difficult process diligently, the Auroville Council thanks you for your patience and persistence.
Once we are ready to restart the process with a different better approach, we will announce it to the community.
In the meanwhile, for the possible 3 day selection process in the first week of November, the temporary Feedback Review Committee will use Laws of India, guidelines from the Mother and ‘Material conditions to live in Auroville’ as a base to process feedback on nominees for the Working Committee and Auroville Council.

The Auroville Council


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  • Naveen Kapur

    I think Aurovilians really need to question why they are hanging out in AV…are they on a sacred mission or does AV provide and satisfies all your needs? Is there ‘any’ spiritual side to AV or are we all specialists in bandying freaky words and thoughts? Having been an Aurovilian myself and been exposed to the Mother’s touch, I find it real comical what you guys are really upto. The only positive is that you are keeping the project alive….about time some genius Aurovilian should decide that there should be meetings to discuss the “charter’ of AV, as a start…and something wonderful could emerge. For the rest, keep flying, folks! I would welcome any criticism that my fellow Aurovilians may have to ‘educate’ me on my ignorance about AV…


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