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11 Jan / 2019Program by:

Collaborative Planning Sessions – Community Planning Strategies

On 3rd presentation within Open Participatory Session of Collaborative Planning Session with Von Zadow international Team Clare San Martin, JTP from United Kingdom who is an Architect, Urban Designer, Placemaking Overarching Strategies, Basic Principles and Governance presented to the audience a show case of one of their projects on Community Planning Strategies.
Claire presented project on heritage part of the city Dublin on which the team was commissioned by the city council to find solution because all previous attempts has failed. The heritage area with Guiness brewery had some issues since being an area that failed to thrive in past decades, and it has an excess of tourist visiting brewery yet this impact did not contributed to the area in any way.
Through a long, intensive work of a bit more than a year, the team engaged local community to participate in the process, and they arrived with engagement, total transparency with prompt communication to satisfying solutions and revive the area.
After the presentation, the gathered were again asked to work in smaller groups to either reflect on the local community planning strategy regarding Auroville situations, or deliver a question to Claire. Some interesting ideas came forward.