Photographer:Marlenka | Min Telephone Service Subgroup member
16 Nov / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Communication Challenge

An interview with Auroville Telephone Service Sub Group member Min, speaking about the current challenge faced by many with their telephone/online connection featured today.Meeting for ‘Lively Up Your Earth’ Eco-Music Festival today at Solitude. The first Auroville “Holi” Tango Festival to be held during Holi weekend next March, as well as current classes and practica.

Because thou lovest God only, thou art apt to claim that He should love thee rather than others; but this is a false claim contrary to right and the nature of things. For He is the One, but thou art the many. Rather become one in heart and soul with all beings, then there will be none in the world but thou alone for Him to Love…. – [Sri Aurobindo]

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